content marketing and photography for food, lifestyle, health + fitness brands


“Great content positions your brand as a quality business. It makes customers believe in what you offer, gives them real reasons to come visit again, tell their friends about you over dinner, and most of all, helps them to see value and get passionate about what you do.”

“Social media is a journey, a blog is a destination.”

Newfoundpress is a content marketing agency for brands making an impact in the world. Newfoundpress focuses on sustainable and conscious living and creating a healthy lifestyle. We believe in taking action towards positive change in the world and this reflects in the brands we work with.
Newfoundpress also publishes Newfound magazine, a lifestyle journal on sustainable and conscious living, and runs social media, blogging, and photography workshops.

We help brands become publishers. Why pay to access an audience when you can have your own?

How can you increase your customer base, create a loyal following that keeps coming back to buy from you and tell their friends about you? By doing what bloggers have been doing all along… creating content, which creates a community around it.

Creating a community allows you to establish your brand in a niche, become a trendsetter and opinion maker, and create trust with your audience. Trust leads to an engaged community and returning and loyal customers. Those customers spread the word for you and become brand advocates.

People buy from other people. It’s about being human and creating genuine and transparent connections.

Newfoundpress focuses on long-term growth for brands. Instead of creating click-bait content, we are advocates of the slow-movement. We believe in quality and value-based content that engages an audience, provides help and offers value, and makes them want to come back for more - creating anticipation. We believe in the power of storytelling through strong visuals and considerate words.

Before we get to work work and think about “what” to publish, we always ask “WHY?”. Why is about creating a content marketing strategy and making sure we create content that is in line with your brand’s values and goals.

There is no point creating content if it doesn’t serve the right purpose. It is about working effectively.


Step 1 - Getting to know each other

Before we can dive in, there are a few questions we need to answer. Let’s get to know each other so we’re both on the same page, and can make sure we know your values. It’s important to get a really good idea of where you’re at, what problems you’re facing in your business, and what’s next on your list in terms of moving forward.

Step 2 - Asking “why”

So we’ve decided that we’re a good fit for each other? Awesome! Now let’s get right into it.  Before we lay out any content, let’s create a strategy first. There’s no point publishing anything if it doesn’t have a clear goal and purpose. What’s your reason behind why you want to create content? Is it getting to know your current customer base better? Is it to attract new clients and reach new demographics? More sales? Are you expanding to an international market? We always ask “why” before “what”.

Step 3 - Brainstorming content

This one’s the fun part. We work together to come up with content ideas that align with your purpose and work towards the goal we set. A tested set of questions will help us generate lots of possible post ideas - let’s be as creative as possible. It’s about coming up with new and unique content, breaking the status quo and doing something that hasn’t been done before.

Step 4 - Creating an editorial calendar

Let’s narrow down all those ideas and group them into categories. A content calendar is like a diet - you don’t only eat carbs or protein, there needs to be a good mix of greens, carbs, healthy fats, protein, etc. It’s the same with content, we need to mix it up. Too much heavy and serious content will drain your audience, but if it’s paired with some light hearted posts it will deliver its very best results.

Step 5 - Doing the work

Now that we’ve got a plan and it’s all laid out we get to work - contacting interviewees, organising photo shoots and meet ups, shooting, writing, editing, and then repeat the process. From there we move on to publishing. Sharing the amazing content we’ve created, engaging with your audience, and listening to what they’ve got to say.

Step 6 - Measuring results

Which leads right into the last part - What works? What doesn’t? Let’s do more of what works and is received well. Note, this is a long-term process and content marketing is most effective if it’s created over a consistent amount of time. Only then can you really get a good idea of what’s successful and gets you closer to the goal we set. To get there it’s all about continuously measuring results and focusing on your strengths.


01 - We usually work on an ongoing basis since this delivers the best results. - Retainer package for content creation starts from $2000 per month.
This includes the services listed above - creation of an editorial calendar, research, reaching out to relevant people and interviewees, writing and editing content, and any photography involved.

02 - Are you looking for Instagram and/or Pinterest management as well? We offer ongoing social media management to engage with your audience and promote your unique content. - $300 per week / $1300 per month.

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